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  • Simple Self-defence techniques
    You'll learn simple & effective self-defence techniques
  • Release from holds
    You'll be taught how to release yourself from holds & grabs
  • Krav Maga Sparring
    You can take part on one on one Krav Maga Sparring
  • Defence against multiple attackers
    You'll learn how to defend yourself against multiple attackers
  • Our main targets are eyes, neck, groin & knees
    We teach you the most vulnerable targets to strike
  • Defence against knife attacks
    You'll learn how to defend yourself against various types of knife attacks
  • Defend yourself & others
    We use a range of strikes, wich include palm strikes, punches, elbows & knee strikes

Training Sessions

Our training sessions are conducted in a safe and friendly environment by a highly experienced and qualified instructor. Everyone is welcome to come along and try Krav Maga and your first lesson is FREE.

New Sessions Timetable

We currently train once per week in Ashford Kent at the Karate Leadership UK Dojo on Wotton Road, on Sunday mornings.

Private Training & Corporate Group Sessions

Private, small group sessions, corporate training and personal support are available from Pure Krav Maga Kent. Prices will depend on location, travel & expenses.  A 1-1 private session includes the option to bring a training partner with you at no extra cost and the use of all equipment.  1-1 or small group sessions can be tailored to address specific scenarios, situations or concerns.

Please contact us using the button below to discuss your requirements.

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