Pure Krav Maga Kent

Pure Krav Maga Kent

After over 15 years of training the original IDF Krav Maga in Ashford, Kent we are finally closing the doors to the club because age, damage, physical demands and the way of the world post-lockdown are all catching up with the ageing instructors.

We are proud of having stayed true to the original principles of Pure Krav Maga set out by Boaz Aviram: no belts, no gradings, no minimum fees, no extra sessions to prepare for grading, no ‘McDojo’ model.  Just Pure Krav Maga.

More than that, we are proud of, and thankful to, the people we’ve trained with over the years.   Many have become our friends.  Many have gone to train in other fighting styles or with other Krav Maga teams; if we helped on their journey, then we’re grateful for that.

For anyone looking to train in Krav Maga, we recommend seeking out Primal 7 Krav Maga www.7km.co.uk and Academy Krav Maga www.academy-kravmaga.co.uk.

For traditional martial arts, we highly recommend KLUK www.karateleadershipuk.ninja//ashford.

Our last session will be on 9th October followed by a celebratory lunch in town.

To everyone who came through the doors over the years – thank you.

It has been an honour and a privilege.