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Pure Krav Maga | Ashford Kent

Krav Maga, means Contact Combat in Hebrew. It was first developed by Imrich Lichtenfeld (Imi Sde-Or). Imi became the first Chief Instructor of the Israeli Defence Force. The second was Eli Avikzar and third was Boaz Aviram.

The system was designed to create a close quarter fighter within a short period of time who can prevail, hand to hand, against an enemy with years of martial art or street fighting experience.

Krav Maga is built on the principles of human physiology, psychology and reaction time.

Rather than repeatedly drilling in rigid engagement techniques, Krav Maga students learn to analyse a hostile environment, stop the opponent’s capabilities according to his posture, and select the appropriate action, within a split second before the engagement.

What is different about PKM Kent is that:

  • We use only the original and true form of KRAV MAGA as developed by IMMI LICHTENFELD and taught at the WINGATE INSTITUTE, Netanya, Israel
  • We use only IDF proven techniques
  • There are no Sports Gradings or Competitions – unlike other Martial Arts
  • We specialise in Pure Krav Maga no holds barred (NHB) Self Defence training
  • We adhere strictly to the teachings and philosophies of Pure Krav Maga as instructed by Mr. Boaz Aviram
  • We take our training seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously; we think it’s important to enjoy our training