A seminar with Boaz Aviram!

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A rare opportunity to train with Boaz Aviram – third in lineage from Imi Lichtenfeld and Eli Avikzar. Pure Krav Maga Kent is delighted to announce a special 2 Day seminar with Boaz Aviram, founder of Pure Krav Maga and ex-Chief Instructor of Krav Maga in the Israeli Defense Force. Boaz Aviram is a top […]

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Online booking for Pure Krav Maga

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Defend yourself & others

Pure Krav Maga Kent has recently adopted an online booking and payment system for its self defence classes in Ashford. The system is really easy to use and was recommended to us by a Jeet Kun Do instructor – Andrew Hawkins of the Bare Bones Gym where we run some of our Krav Maga sessions. […]

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Krav Maga is self-defence.

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Nearly every martial artist knows what Krav Maga is.  If someone trains in any ‘fighting style’ then they’re usually aware of many other ‘fighting styles’ hence I’m aware of systems as diverse as Wayne Poulter’s Budo, Jeet Kun Do, Systema, Defendu, Gutterfighting, Pentak Silat, Kyokushinkai and Kali, to name but a few.  I have studied […]

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Why so many ‘Krav Maga’ organisations?

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Krav Maga Sparring

The popularity of Krav Maga has exploded in recent years.  It is certainly a credible street defence ‘fighting style’ when taught and executed well, but why do there seem to be so many different ‘types’ of Krav Maga?   A quick internet search throws up dozens of lessons, sessions, classes, clubs and – most alarmingly […]

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FREE Krav Maga in KENT

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FREE Krav Maga Kent Training Sessions

As a total one-off to celebrate our new classes ALL Pure Krav Maga Kent sessions will be free across the week commencing 18th April. Our sessions are mornings or evenings in Ashford at either the amazing Bare Bones Gym or the excellent KLUK Dojo. Over 8 HOURS of high quality Krav Maga instruction. No catch, […]

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