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Posted by Rick on June 17, 2016  /   Posted in Club News

Pure Krav Maga Kent has recently adopted an online booking and payment system for its self defence classes in Ashford.

The system is really easy to use and was recommended to us by a Jeet Kun Do instructor – Andrew Hawkins of the Bare Bones Gym where we run some of our Krav Maga sessions.

Previously we used a paper system: paper money and paper attendance sheets.  Quick and easy enough but… occasionally that paper-based system could be put down and left somewhere, so records of attendance & payment would be noted in phones or on other pieces of paper and had to be consolidated afterwards; not always successfully.

So, we’ve moved online and asked all those who train with us to register, make their payments online, and book the sessions they’re going to attend.

There’s another fantastic advantage to this system, which will benefit everyone, in that every Krav Maga session is planned in advance.  Knowing who and how many people will attend helps that planning, and takes away the ‘on the fly’ changes when the instructor is expecting 8 people and 5 actually arrive.

In Pure Krav Maga we work intensively with small groups of people, not with big classes of 20+ standing in a line learning movements by rote.  That approach is absolutely fine for more traditional martial arts wth rigid technique structures, but in Pure Krav Maga application of principle is more critical than perfect form or technique.

Knowing how many people will be in the session is essential for the Instructor to properly prepare, so the session then gives maximum benefit to the attendees: win – win.

And it’s all from adopting a simple bit of easy-to-use online technology.

Use the hyperlink to get to our Bookings & Memberships page on the website.


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