Testimonials, what our students say

“As a young woman working in some slightly dangerous situations in West Africa and Southern Africa, security, knowing what to do in a situation and the ability to potentially defend myself is of the utmost importance. I started Krav with Rick in Ashford in November 2014, motivated by some previously worrying situations I had been in.

Rick and all of the other guys were incredibly helpful and useful training us to deal with real life situations in sensible, effective manners. We were invited to bring our own experiences and particular scenarios to the class for discussion, which in my case involved how to deal with a machete attack – this has become infamous in the group! The group now assist in my training for this, along with knife, gun and baseball bat situations. Wearing normal “street” clothes and occasionally training outside also aided in keeping the training real – remembering that for example neither attacker nor defender would particularly want to be down on hard cobbles, very different to training on mats in a dojo.

After a few months’ training as a 5’6” woman I think it was quite incredible that I could effectively get out of a dangerous situation from attackers over 6’ and physically stronger than me. Krav Maga does not focus on using physical strength and fitness, rather leveraging your body weight or skills in order to get out of the situation – which is incredibly useful and along with it’s practicality and reality focus really set this training apart for me with respect to other martial arts. Rick creates a supportive, fun atmosphere, never forgetting the seriousness of what we are training for, pushing you out of comfort but never out of sensible limits and keeping safety as paramount. As well as the physical training and techniques, mental training is just as important if not even more so, and this is an aspect Rick took a lot of time and effort to work with me on. I have recently moved to Ghana and have taken with me the confidence that I have the tools, training and knowledge that I will react appropriately in any dangerous situation in order to protect myself and others.”

Katy Victoria Hebditch